Build your Website through Joomla Content Management System

How About Building a Website Through Joomla! CMS?

Using Joomla to deliver online content to improve your company, community or organization is a wise pick. With each release, you can always Do More with Joomla. When combined with a number of wonderful features thus far in the Joomla 3X series, Joomla 3.3 proves to be a true example of innovation and forward-thinking in the universe of content management solutions. With this release, there are many new attributes that actually let you do more with your Joomla! powered website.

Joomla! is the most popular Content Management System. It’s much more than just a powerful content management system. Besides, hundreds of extensions to improve the functionality of any Joomla site, Joomla itself includes some strong built-in features (or core features).

Joomla! is one of the planet ‘s most famous software packages used to build, arrange, manage and print content for websites, sites, Intranets and cellular programs. Owing to its scalable MVC design it’s also a great foundation to construct web applications.

With more than 3 percent of the Web running on Joomla! and a CMS market share of more than 9 percent, Joomla! powers the web existence of thousands and thousands of small businesses, authorities, non-profits and big organizations worldwide.

As an award winning CMS led by an international community of more than a half million active subscribers, helping the most inexperienced user to experienced web developer make their digital visions a reality.

Below are some of the Joomla! attributes you’ll adore.


Joomla! is the most popular and widely supported open source multilingual CMS platform in the world, offering over 65 languages. Webmasters and content creators can create sites to be shown in multiple languages, without ever needing to step outside of the options available in the Joomla! core applications. This is a huge step forward and characterizes a group of abilities that may make websites a lot more reachable, reaching out to a significantly bigger audience.

Well Supported

Global, an avid community is full of people, and teams of world-class developers and business consultants who actively help at no price in the newsgroups.

There are thousands of professional Joomla! service providers around the world who is able to help develop, maintain and market your Joomla! projects. The Joomla! community has a checked web directory of just a few of these suppliers at the Joomla! Resources Web Directory.

Simple Upgrades

One of the big challenges who have any software is keeping it up to date. Luckily, Joomla! has a “One Click Version Update” feature to make this procedure super easy for users of any ability level.

The built-in updater also has an automated checker which notifies you if anything needs updating; this contains tellings of the core applications and Joomla! an extension that uses this attribute. Keeping your site current is the single best thing you can certainly do to ensure your web assets and Joomla! gives you the tools to do this with little effort.

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As of Joomla! 3.5.0, thanks to the new e-mail update notification plugin, your Joomla! website tests for the availability of new Joomla! versions and when one is found it sends the Super Users on the site an email telling.

Incorporated Help System

Joomla! has an in-program contextual help system to assist every level of user to operate their Joomla. Most pages have a help button in the very best right, helping you completely understand all choices on this page. There’s also a glossary explaining the terms in plain English, a variant checker makes sure you are using the latest version, a system information tool helps you troubleshoot. If all else fails, links to an abundance of on-line resources for additional assistance and support are accessible, for example, Joomla! Instruction Manual and User Forum.

Media Manager

The Media Manager is the application for easily uploading, organizing and managing your media files and folders. You can even manage more kinds of files, thanks to the configurable MIME settings. The Media Manager is incorporated into the Post Editor so you could get images and all other media files for simple use and enhancement of your written content.

Banner Ad Management

With the banner ad supervisor, you’ve got the possibility to easily add advertisements and monetize your website. The application allows you to make clients and efforts, to add as many banners as you need, even custom codes, to establish perception numbers, monitor the clicks and much more.

Contact Direction

Not enough with just one contact form on your site? The contacts part lets you add several contacts, sections, and categories, and expand the fundamental contact information with miscellaneous advice and an image. Easily set up a contact form for each contact you create and enable access to the public or simply to some registered users, or produce a listing of these contacts.

Search better, Hunt Smarter

With the built-in search and smart search, your website visitors will probably be able to quickly and simply find the right info on your own website. And even more, thanks to the data you’ll be able to assess your visitor’s wants and streamline your content even better to serve them. You have the ability to utilize the included smart indexing, complex search options, auto propose searches – making Joomla! search the best in class right out of the carton.

Content Management

Joomla! is a Content management system at heart and has some seriously great features that make arranging and managing your content a breeze. Content creation is made very easy by the inbuilt WYSIWYG editor and permits you to edit content with no knowledge of code. After you created your content you’ll discover lots of possibilities to reveal it on the frontend. Next, to distinct layouts, you’re able to use several pre-installed modules to show the most famous articles, latest items, associated articles and much more.

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As of Joomla! 3.5, adding an image is as easy as dragging and dropping it from your computer directly into the content. This works anywhere that you’re utilizing the default TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor. And if you intend to put in a module into an article, Joomla! 3.5 makes it extremely simple with a button right on the editor toolbar. You don’t should learn any syntax or recall the module details as the user interface does it for you.

New Features in Joomla 3.5

A thing counter inside kinds

Category pages in the Joomla admin will now reveal the number of published, unpublished and panned things for every category. This works for posts, banner ads, contacts, and news feeds.

Drag and drop pictures

In case you are using TinyMCE, you can pick up any picture from your desktop and drop it directly into your content. Covered this drag and drop feature last month.

Upgrade notifications by e-mail

The Joomla core has a plugin which will email you when a new version is released. It’s possible for you to input a listing of multiple email addresses to get the update notification e-mails (although the addresses in the list must belong to individuals enrolled as Super Users). If you do not do anything here, all Super Users will receive the upgrade e-mail.

An improved User Status module

This is a minor feature that most folks likely will not notice. The bar in the underparts of the admin area is made by the User Status module.

You locate this module by going to the Modules area and altering the dropdown from “Website” to “Administrator”:
Edit the module and also you’ll currently have the capacity to toggle the User Status attributes on and off. There is additionally a new link to open another admin display in a fresh window.

Simpler CSS overriding for Protostar

The last new feature in Joomla 3.5 makes it easier to modify Protostar. Now, it is hopeless to employ a custom.css file and also you have to hack the core or copy the template.

Now you will manage to create a file called user.css inside Protostar. Joomla will now automatically check to see if that file exists. This is really a safe strategy to make changes to Protostar free of heart hacks.

The original plan was to call the file custom.css, but that would not work because TinyMCE would load the file and apply the CSS styles to your text editor window.

Joomla begins collecting anonymous website data

WordPress and Drupal both collect anonymous information from their users. This covers a variety of information which helps the center teams understand more about their audience and precisely what versions they need support. Joomla 3.5 now has a plugin that will gather similar data. The plugin will collect the Joomla version, PHP version and the database kind and variant. Each site will have a “Unique id” used to prevent duplicate entries. The Joomla team are working hard to be sure that person sites cannot be identified from the information.<?

Readily download System Information

Some extension programmers needed a simpler way to gather info from people’s websites that were having problems. If you go to System > System Information, now you can download the website ‘s system and environment advice.

More Amazing Attributes

Free as well as dependable hosting

You get 200 MB of complimentary space for your website on the superb optimized hosting platform built by our web hosting associate SiteGround.

Answers to your questions

Do not understand how to do something? Seek the answers in tutorials, instruction manual or the community newsgroup.

Freedom to grow

There is no limit on the type or a number of pages for your free Joomla website. Plus you can simply update it to a self-hosted solution.