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Benefits of using Google AdWords

What are the benefits of using Google Adwords?

Online marketing and Google AdWords – the two go hand in hand. When a prospective customer is looking for a product, service, or anything, they’re likely going to search for it on Google. That customer is looking for you, and AdWords gets you found.

For a small business, Google AdWords can be a successful method of driving traffic and marketing your product.

Google AdWords Increases Leads and Customers

Google Analytics is one of the best tools for lead generation. If your campaigns are set up, it has the potential to send targeted leads to your website.

Google AdWords allows you to focus on people who are searching for what you have to offer.

It could include your businesses products or services. This means you can refine your searches so that only those who want to buy your services are sent to your websites.

Maximum Relevance

Another great advantage of AdWords is that you can make your ads relevant, and only shown to those who are looking for something related to what you’re offering. You can choose which keywords you want your ad copy to have. In that way, it will attract high relevant targeted traffic which is already interested in what you are offering.

The more relevant your Ad is, the better the results you will achieve with your campaign. As the click-through rate will be high, and the conversion will follow.

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Instant traffic

This is among the most important reasons why you can still use Google AdWords. Google AdWords bring instant gratification or traffic to one’s Web site. On-page optimization and off-page optimization is important for bringing traffic to one’s online website. However, all measures such as link building, on-page optimization, and so on do not come with assured traffic brought by Google AdWords. Google AdWords showcases relevant ads in relevant sites. It will stay at the top of search pages, which increases the chances of clicks and visits. Google AdWords brings immediate traffic to a site, which would need greater investment. Thus, as it comes with instant gratification against a certain investment, it becomes an effective way of bringing immediate traffic to a website which translates into a profitable and successful company.

Small Initial Investment

This is the major reason why Google AdWords is so popular. Google AdWords comes with a small initial investment. You need to pay only a small amount to create an AdWords account; thereafter you can bid on the best keywords. After creating the Google AdWords account and releasing the content, the payment is billed after every click. Therefore, with each click, a specific sum is charged and if no click happens, no amount is billed. In such a case, Google AdWords comes with guaranteed clicks, and payment is charged against clicks. There is no loss if keywords generated are perfect and related measures are taken.

Benefits outweigh the costs

The benefits of Google Advertising far outweigh the costs involved. Google AdWords takes the hard work away from advertisers by determining how people use Google to access information.

With the ability to target qualified customers who are not only ready to make a conversion but are actively seeking it opens up a whole new world of customers.

Faster than SEO

Providing your ‘Advertising Rank’ a combination of ad copy, landing page quality and advertising bid – is good enough, your advertising will go straight to the first page of search results. This really is unlike traditional SEO, which includes all those titles, headings, meta descriptions and alt tags and can take months to before even beginning to make a difference to your organic positioning, let alone getting you to the top of page one.

Highly Customizable

AdWords provides tons of customizable options for your effort to suit your particular needs. It’s possible for you to target your advertisements to reach a qualified audience based on many factors, including:

  • Specific keyword match types
  • Geographic location
  • The time of day they are searching
  • Search queries uses different languages

The basic format of AdWords has strict character counts, so the ads are brief and to the point, plus they may be quick to load. Wise companies use advertisement extensions callouts, site links, and structured snippets to further explain their message and expand the actual real estate of the ad on the page.

Google continues to adjust and improve its AdWords offerings.

Mobile Presence

The size of mobile screens and increasing frequency with which smartphones are used for searches is another reason to consider AdWords advertising. AdWords ads appear on top of the page of search engine results, and on a cellular screen, this often means that the natural/organic search results listings aren’t visible to the searcher without scrolling on the device. In other words, it is very likely someone may click on an ad that appears at the top of the cellular page without even exploring deeper into the search results.

Another advantage of AdWords that is particularly relevant to mobile users is the Click-to-Call feature that lets searchers get in touch with you immediately via phone instead of visiting your website first. This really is particularly valuable when you have a physical presence and/or customer service support already in place.

If you’re retailer or service provider, use Google AdWords so people will see what you offer.

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